Interactive Home Tours

Multimedia Services for Real Estate



With the evolution of mobile devices, showcasing your property has never been easier. Our Virtual Home Tours bring a real life sensation of entering and walking through a home.  With our Glide Cam ® technique we become the eyes of the prospective buyer allowing them to sense the relationship between every room as if they were there to see it for themselves.  Videos are compatible with all mobile devices and are uploaded onto multiple internet platforms to maximize exposure.


Videos Upload to multiple internet platforms to maximize exposure


Including your local





A photo only shows what was captured in a single frame. Video shows hundreds if not thousands of frames, thus allowing viewers to capture the full flow of the house.

Pricing    (based on property listing)

  • (Up to 1,499 square feet)                        $199
  • (Up to 2,499 square feet)                        $249
  • (Up to 4,999 square feet)                        $349
  • (Up to 7,999 square feet)                        $449

Anything above 8,000 square feet       CALL

We accept credit cards on location.

HD Video Walkthrough

  • Up to 5 RAW pictures included
  • Exterior and Interior video tour in High Definition
  • Professionally edited 3-6 minute video with duty free music
  • Special focus on the local town, the community, historical significance, attractions, schools, ect.
  • Narration available -Professional narration and script are available (see pricing for details)
  • Two rendered versions of listing, one BRANDED with clients logo and another UNBRANDED (for your local MLS)
  • Motion Text Editing Options Available

Every HD Video Walkthrough comes with it's own unique QR CODE, bringing people directly to your video without commercial interruption.




Qualified customers receive Statistical Reviews that displays video performances measured by the amount of "views" they generate.



Shooting still photos or video takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. All properties will be filmed and or photographed "AS IS." Locations 30 miles or more outside of greater Boston are subject to additional costs. Payment for all multimedia services are due at the time of filming. Clients are responsible for providing us with up to date contact information and media graphics to be presented in final product. Web hosting fees are subject to change at any time and are expected to be paid, in full, at the time of filming. Web hosting fees will (unless hosted elsewhere) be charged on an annual basis. Any content hosted by the client, or any other third party not directly associated with Interactive Home Tours, are not guaranteed to be fully cross compatible with all and or any mobile devices.​